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NYC Marathon Tips from the Wolf Pack

If you’re running TCS NYC Marathon, you are in for the experience of a lifetime. Prepare for the big day with these tips from NYC experts. Interviews include Custom Performance PT Kathleen Leninger, Conbody Coach Derek Drescher, and Runstreet marathon runners Jose Maria Sanchez, Melissa Killion and RRCA Running Coach Mariel Feigen (aka “Uber Mariel”).

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NYC Marathon Stories: Natalia Maddela

I've had the opportunity to run 12 miles with someone who has overcome greater odds than I can imagine, but at one point didn't think he could run a mile. A teammate that struggled through a 10-mile race a year ago, carried me through a 16 mile run last week. My sister is running her very first half marathon in January and I get to run beside her. They motivate me.

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