Straight From the Wolves' Mouths

From Runstreet®️ art runners to runners I've coached around the globe, here's what the Wolf Pack is howling about.

Marnie’s personalized training plan took me from six miles to 26.2! Not only did she help me achieve my lofty goal of completing my first marathon, she managed to make the experience fun! Marnie is a knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive coach. I highly recommend her!
— Lisa Cole


The story behind Runstreet®️ Street Art Runs, as told by Runstreet founder Marnie Kunz. Video by Edgar Llivisupa. The history behind the NYC street art runs and non-profits that have benefited from the art running tours.


"Thanks to Marnie's training program, I was able to fulfill my lifelong goal of running the NYC Marathon, and even ran faster than I expected!" - Jose Sanchez

I wanted to say thank you because I never would have committed to running 3 miles in the first year that I lived in NYC, let alone a marathon. I can’t even believe that I did it two times in a row at that. My marathon race this last time was so good, it was slow, easy and I sped up for mile 25 and sprinted for the last .3 miles! Three years ago I was walking 2 miles and running one. Your desire to have a free running group was a great inspiration and lead me to more amazing people who also pushed me to this remarkable point. A million thanks Marnie and keep sharing your gift.
— Susana Montesinos