Meet Runstreet: How It All Began

Photos by Marques Jackson/ Filles Garcons Photography .

Photos by Marques Jackson/Filles Garcons Photography.

Marnie Kunz isa RRCA-certified running coach, writer and creator of Runstreet. Marnie created Runstreet Art Runs as a way to encourage runners of all levels to explore the beauty around them and learn about local art and artists. Each Art Run offers a unique running experience that includes a relaxed pace run (10-minute mile pace, with stops for photos) to see the best murals and street art in a city. The runs educate participants on the wide range of artists painting the city's walls, and Art Runs often feature a local artist and some runs include shirts designed by local artists as well. Marnie has led Runstreet Art Runs all over NYC and the U.S., in cities ranging from Miami to Chicago. As the Art Run movement spreads, Runstreet is expanding internationally and nationally. To sponsor an Art Run in your city, check out our Sponsor Page

Marnie's Running Tale

Mural by  Sipros .

Mural by Sipros.

I've been a runner all of my adult life, dating back to jr. high. As an awkward tween, I joined cross country because it was the only sport that didn’t have try-outs. I laced up my clunky New Balance sneakers one fall day and went to cross country practice on our school’s crumbling cinder block track. And I haven’t stopped running since.

Through my years of competing in college track and cross country, and running the NYC Marathon, obstacle races and beyond, I've come to appreciate running for more than just my times or races or medals, but for the sense of confidence, strength and freedom that running gives me.

When I moved to NYC in 2012, I found that running was the best way to learn the city and explore new neighborhoods, and I was amazed by all the incredible street art I saw in my runs through Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Always the journalist, I began documenting the street art I saw on my runs on my @runstreet Instagram.

In my post-college life I experienced some life challenges I never would have imagined - ranging from domestic violence to having no place to live - and I realized that running means so much more to me than a race or competition. In my most difficult times, finding an inspiring piece of art or graffiti words of encouragement would help keep me going on my runs, and keep me connected to the world. I would continuously research the art and artists I saw tagged on the street art I saw during my runs. Some of them would give me encouragement from my posts when I tagged them on Instagram, and many of them already did so much with just creating their art and sharing it with us who wandered the streets. While I bounced back from a very trying time in my life (while moving all around NYC), I continued to find beauty and meaning on my runs from the art that I came across. Since then I have spread the love and awareness of this art to as many people as I can.

As I posted a lot of art that I saw on my runs on my @runstreet Instagram, people asked where to find the art. I decided to offer a guided Art Run. So, along with my best friend, our amazing Runstreet photographer Marques Jackson, I created the first Art Run in 2015, which was graciosouly hosted by the Brooklyn Running Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a huge success. 

Since then Runstreet has led more than 200 Art Runs for thousands of runners from all over the world. We have led runs for companies ranging from Clif Bar to Deloitte. We've been featured in Women's Health, the NY Post, Bustle, Get Out NY, Well + Good, NYRR and more. As our team expands, we continue to make each run a unique experience that welcomes runners of all types to come and explore the beautiful and inspiring world of street art.

To book a private Art Run or to bring Runstreet to your city, drop us a line.

Mural by  Crash One .

Mural by Crash One.