Runstreet Runner Profile: Nimbe Juarez

Nimbe at a mural by  Surface of Beauty  in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Nimbe at a mural by Surface of Beauty in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.


One of our Chicago runner ambassadors, Nimbe Juarez, always brings the enthusiasm and fun to Chicago and NYC Art Runs. Nimbe is continually growing and pushing her limits and recently got certified as a personal trainer. She is currently training for the Chicago Marathon, and will also be at the Runstreet Chicago Shakeout Art Run.

Nimbe came to a Runstreet Chicago Art Run and loved the run, art and social aspect, and has since come to Art Runs in Chicago and NYC, spreading her positive spirit along the way.

Here Nimbe sits down with Runstreet founder Marnie Kunz to discuss what motivates her to run, how running can improve your social life, why she loves Art Runs, and her top training tips for runners.

Check it out what Nimbe has to say in our Runner’s Profile video below.

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Marnie Kunz is a RRCA-certified running coach and the creator of Runstreet Art Runs, which bring together communities through running and street art. She is a Brooklyn resident, running coach and writer. She enjoys traveling, art, and eating messily. You can follow her running and events at @Runstreet Instagram and Runstreet Facebook.

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