Appreciating Each Run As Its Own Experience

Photos by  Marques Jackson .

Photos by Marques Jackson.

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Let's face it- running is amazing, and addictive. There's nothing like the freedom in lacing up your running shoes and heading out for a sweaty adventure. Whether you're trail running or exploring the urban jungle, each run has it's own unique atmosphere, sights, sounds, journey and rewards. Sometimes a run is the only thing that makes us feel accomplished for the day, and other times it's a social boost, allowing you to connect with fellow runners at races or team events (Join the Wolf Pack at our NYC events).

Pounding out your work frustrations on the pavement can be just what you need to avoid losing it at the office. Other days a peaceful, slow run through nature speaks to your soul. Then there are times where a fast, intense speed workout offers just the catharsis you need to lessen the edge of relationship problems. And some days running makes you appreciate being alive and seeing all the beauty and life in the world around you.

We run for many reasons, and those reasons often drive us to, well, keep running. Often times non-runners see just the physical act of running and proclaim it to be boring. But as we runners know, it's anything but monotonous. Even if you run the same route every day, you see the world unfolding around you - people on the street going about their lives, animals in the forest, dogs out for walks, bikes flying by, kids playing, seasons changing. Running is about so much more than a workout, miles ticked off on an app, or a social media post. From the pain to the exhiliration, running is as much of a mental experience as a physical one. What we as runners experience during each run is its own chapter celebrating life in an ongoing legacy.

So next time you slide into your running shoes to hit the road, be grateful for the new chapter you're about to experience. 

Photos by Marques Jackson.