Easing Sore Muscles: Therma1 Cold and Hot Roller Review

Therma1 is an innovative tool that can help you relax strained runners muscles with a convenient hot/cold roller device. If you need to ice or warm up your muscles when you have a running injury or soreness, Thermal offers an easy, clean alternative to bags of ice, frozen vegetables and other old school running injury remedies.

Usually when I have muscle soreness, I pull out what inevitably becomes a leaky bag of ice to reduce muscle inflammation after a workout. The Therma1 has proved to be a much better option, offering a convenient and mess-free way to lessen muscle tension. Using a simple roller that has an attachable hot or cold cylinder, you can apply a little pressure and ice any sore areas. On the flip side, the warm roller helps loosen up and stretch muscles before a run.

Therma1 is easy to operate. You just pop the warm cylinder in the microwave before using it to warm your muscles. For the cold option, keep the designated cold cylinder in your freezer and then click it into the handle when you're ready to roll after a workout. 

The Therma1 also comes with travel packs so you can get instant hot or cold relief on the go. 

Overall, I've found the Therma1 to be an excellent tool to help loosen tight muscles, reduce inflammation and keep you running strong.

*Note: If you have sharp or persistent pain from running, you should consult a doctor or physical therapist. The Thermal is not intended to replace medical care.