NYC Pole Dance Studio Review: City Pole

City Pole is a unique NYC pole dance studio that combines the amazing fitness benefits of pole dancing with the mental benefits of meditation and mindfulness. 

As an avid pole fitness enthusiast, I was excited to try out the new NYC pole studio City Pole, an innovative Tribeca pole fitness center that combines pole fitness with mindfulness practices. 

When I first stepped into City Pole, I was already in awe of the place, located in a gorgeous loft in Tribeca. The pole studio, owned by pole dance instructor Kylee Sallak, features elegant decor,  13-foot ceilings and a beautiful Rejuvenation Room to de-stress and meditate. Even the showers and restrooms at City Pole were amazing, featuring a sophisticated, black and white motif.

Kylee led me to the Rejuvenation Room, a beautiful white room with a meditation pond in the center, a plush black couch, punching bag and boxing gloves, and writing materials. Each City Pole class comes with a complimentary session alone in the Rejuvenation Room. The room offers a board with instructions that guide you through a 40-minute de-stressing session, complete with punching out anger if you so desire (I did), and completing a list of stresses to let go of. You can literally watch your cares float away by placing the water-soluble stress list into the meditation pond and watching it dissolve. After my restorative session in the Rejuvenation Room, I was ready for pole class. 

City Pole founder Kylee Sallak.

City Pole offers plenty of personalized attention, with a 5-person limit per class, so everyone is guaranteed a pole the whole class. This is a welcome break from large, crowded NYC pole fitness studios that sometimes cram in two to three people per pole, making half your class standing time as you wait for a few spins on the pole.

At City Pole, I not only had plenty of personalized attention but also had such a vibrant, positive and encouraging instructor, Sam. Sam began the class by schooling me on the Five Pillars of Confidence, a staple of every class at City Pole. The Five Pillars of Confidence and his supportive instructions helped me break through some mental blocks and learn new pole moves I had previously been too scared or doubtful to pull off. 

The five-star experience at City Pole does come at a price that is more than most NYC pole studios, ringing in at $80 a session, but in my book, the all-star treatment, knowledgeable and encouraging staff, Rejuvenation Room, fun atmosphere, personal attention, and confidence-boosting experience makes it well-worth the cost for any pole fitness pupil.