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Running High in 2016: Mental Training Boot Camp

Photo by  Marques Jackson .

Photo by Marques Jackson.

Shatter your running goals in 2016!

Train your brain for success!

Running is 90% mental, so why don't we train our minds? Gain an edge over the competition and create your best running year yet with our mental training workshop!

Join Runstreet Running Coach Marnie Kunz and The Yoga Collective Meditation instructor Nicole D'Angelo for this intensive, hour and a half workshop that will help you identify and hone in on your running goals for the new year and run faster than you ever have with our mental training program. 

In the workshop we will:

  • Identify and set your goals
  • Create a detailed blueprint to reach your goals
  • Learn to train your brain for success with sports psychology tools long used by elite athletes such as mantras, visualization and more.
  • Identify your mental blocks when it comes to running and shatter them.
  • The workshop will include a 30-minute guided visualization led by The Yoga Collective's Nicole D'Angelo. Visualization, long used by Olympians and elite athletes, taps into the powerful potential of your subconscious mind to rewire self-defeating thoughts and create an amazing race based on strength, focus, feelings of confidence and joy. 

This workshop is the perfect follow up to our December Visualization Workshops, as well as an excellent way for runners of all levels to learn visualization and get on track for the best running year ever in 2016.

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