Brooklyn Running Company Shoe Testing Review

The blue Brooks Ravenna and Pink Mizuno Wave Catalyst battle it out. 

The blue Brooks Ravenna and Pink Mizuno Wave Catalyst battle it out. 

As a longtime runner and running coach, I've had my share of running shoe shopping, treadmill tests and pronation talks. But in the ever-changing world of running shoes, it's important to get help from experts who are on top of the latest tips, technology and running shoe options. So when I needed new kicks for spring training and my first running season post-injury, I headed to the friendly experts at Brooklyn Running Co.

At the Brooklyn Running Co, manager Kate Reese gave me the best running shoe fitting I've had to date. Kate was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. After talking to me about my past running injuries, ex running shoe models and brands and observing me walk barefoot and run on the treadmill, she was able to whip out several pairs of super comfortable stability running shoes to try out. 

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In my two-decade running career, I've run in Nike, Asics, Saucony, New Balance and Brooks, so I was wide open to suggestions in the brand department. My main goal was to find a solid main pair of training shoes that I can build my mileage base in and avoid triggering any injury-prone areas. Kate immediately identified my overpronation, which is more pronounced in my left side than right, she said. A physical therapist had also told me this recently. Additionally, Kate said she can see I've worked on strength training and form to overcome my genetic tendency to overpronate (take that, bow legs! haha). To help correct my mild overpronation, Kate brought out some moderate stability shoes for me to try. I wanted something lightweight yet cushioned. I also wanted a shoe I can continue practicing my midfoot strike in.

Fast forward through more talks and several treadmill tests, and the Brooks Ravenna 7 beat out the competition. The Ravenna running shoes felt like they immediately gave me a spring in my step. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable, have plenty of cushioning and felt completely natural to run in. The silver lining is their striking blue color option. (Also, I'm coming back for you, Mizuno Wave Catalyst, for speed work:).

At the end of the running shoe fitting process, Brooklyn Running Co. offers a smart and easy way to track your running shoe mileage. They place a wear sticker inside your shoe which includes personalized dates - the date you buy your shoes (because who really remembers these things), the estimated date you need to change your shoes, and a date when you should check your shoes and start thinking about getting the next pair. All of this is calculated for you straight from the shoe experts, factoring in your training mileage, the wear conditions, construction of the shoe and more. This, my friends, was the perfect conclusion to my running shoe fitting at Brooklyn Running Co. I am definitely running happy these days.

Run on, Runstreet runners, and see you on the streets!