Runstreet + ConBody Prison Break 5K Photos and Video

Video by Gerard Cosby and Tishawn Fahie.

Runstreet and ConBody held the first ever Prison Break 5K on October 22, 2016, with a 5K race from Manhattan's Lower East Side across the bridge to Dumbo, Brooklyn, and a final workout with ConBody founder Coss Marte on the ConBody Prison Bus. The 5K challenge included 3.1 miles of running the NYC streets and 5 workout stations along the way.

Photos by Marques Jackson/Filles Garcons Photography.

At each checkpoint, ConBody trainers led different prison-style bootcamp exercises. The final workout was on the pull-up bar at the ConBody bus.

ConBody offers prison-style bootcamp workouts at the ConBody studio in NYC's Lower East Side, and classes are taught by formerly incarcerated individuals. Coss Marte created ConBody after losing 70+ pounds in prison and training his fellow inmates to lose over 1,000 lbs. combined. When he was released from prison for serving time on drug charges, Marte could not find employment, so he created ConBody to help others coming out of prison find jobs and transform lives through fitness. Coss and ConBody have been featured in the NY Times, BuzzFeed, Inc. and more, and Coss has gives talks on prison reform and shares his story around the world. Recently he was a speaker at TedX Hong Kong.

To join the ConBody fitness movement from anywhere, register at ConBody Live for just $5 a month for streaming workouts. To join classes in NYC, including Run bootcamps led by Runstreet founder Marnie Kunz, register here to #dothetime.

Stay tuned for more Runstreet + ConBody races.

Photos by Gerard Cosby and Tishawn Fahie.