Global Running Project: Roxanne Moreau, Canada

Follow Roxanne on IG at  @runfoxxirun .

Follow Roxanne on IG at @runfoxxirun.

I have been following kick ass Canadian runner and cyclist Roxanne Gail on Instagram for some time now, and if anyone epitomizes superwoman, it is her. Roxanne slays ultra marathons, trains through dirt, mud, rain, cold, heat and I'm sure would continue through an apocalypse if that struck too. This mom's fierce photos inspire thousands to get outside and stay active. Here is our interview: 

What got you into running?

I started out as a cyclist, when my kids were young. I had a bike trailer and I would cycle with them for a couple hours a day. Once they became to big for my trailer, exceeding the weight capacity of both bike, wagon and me!(!!) I had to find a more time efficient way to have some me time! That's when I began to run! Took me half the time to get a great sweat on and come back in to be the best mom I could be! 

How long have you been running?

I have been running for about 15 years!

What keeps you motivated to run?

I love the way I feel while running and afterward. I feel like a super hero when I push my limits and accomplish goals that seem unbelievable. I love it when people tell me I inspire them.

What's a running goal you are working on right now? 

I currently am healing my fifth metatarsal in my foot. So my goal is to complete the 4 ultra marathons I had to defer this summer to next summer. My biggest highlight of 2016 is now an adventure retreat in Costa Rica with Run Like A Girl as their ambassador in November.

What's one of your proudest running accomplishments? 

Running a couple ultra marathons last summer as a relay!

Preferred running shoes? 

Right now I love Hokas, altra and topo athletic!

Favorite song to run with right now? 

I would say "Got Your Number" by Serena Ryder

Favorite running song of all time? 

"Animals" by Nickelback haha

What snack do you reach for before a run?

Coffee, banana and peanut butter  

After a long run, what do you like to eat? 

Quest bar and coffee.... Then a veggie burger wrap!

How do you balance running and the rest of your life? 

It's the running that gives the rest of my life balance. I try not to let a busy schedule and lack of time to run make me crazy. I do what I can each day!

How has running made an impact on your life? 

I have struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues my whole life. When I started running, the voices became much much quieter.

What is one of your biggest challenges with your running and how do you confront it?

I had foot pain from a neuroma from running so much. Then I broke my foot in March and have had 7 months off... Good news! The neuroma should be gone! Yayyy!!!

Favorite quote? 

You will never possess what you are unwilling to Pursue.

If you were an animated character, who/what would you be?

Super hero cat woman!

What advice would you give new runners?

Listen to your body. Always.

Where can we cheer you on?

IG @runfoxxirun