Meet the Wolf Pack

Runstreet is powered by a creative, innovative crew with diverse backgrounds, including writing, photography, journalism, therapy, non-profit and marketing experience. We come from all over and enjoy traveling the globe, meeting new people and helping others appreciate life, art and healthy living. 



Marnie Kunz is the founder of Runstreet. Marnie enjoys fusing her love of fitness, street art and people to create inspiring urban running adventures. Marnie has a B.A. in Creative Writing and a background in journalism, marketing and social media. Marnie grew up in St. Louis and has lived and worked in Atlanta, Chicago and Ireland. She loves to travel, eat, run and meet new people.

Marnie created Runstreet as a blog at a time when she was writing online freelance articles for other sites and decided to start her own. Always a social media enthusiast, Marnie's posts of street art she found while living and running all over Brooklyn inspired others to ask her where she found all the art. And the first Runstreet Art Run was born. Since then, Marnie has led hundreds of Art Runs for running communities, companies and nonprofits around the world. 

When she's not happily working on Runstreet, Marnie enjoys perusing art and history museums, traveling, eating, meeting new people and listening to Ted Talks.

PACER, Track Coach

Mariel Feigen, or #UberMariel as we call her because she literally runs everywhere instead of taking transit, is a running superhero. Mariel is one of our Runstreet track and speed coaches, a lightning fast ultra marathon runner and Boston Marathoner. Mariel is also Member Services Manager at the amazing nonprofit Back on My Feet NYC.  Mariel grew up in Costa Rica and enjoys traveling, ultra races, art runs, books, wine and plenty of food to fuel her 50-mile forays. Mariel is not on Instagram but you will find her at most of our art runs and speed training workouts. 


Creative director

Brooklyn-based photographer Marques Jackson is the creative genius behind Runstreet. His distinct photography style conveys a cinematic realism and forgoes the overuse of Photoshop to present subjects in a more natural context. His mastery of running and photographing runners interacting with each city's unique street art and landscape is unparalleled. Marques holds a Masters Degree in Sociology from Georgia State University and hails from Atlanta.

Marques is the CEO of Filles + Garcons Photography and also serves as the New York Fashion Correspondent for Dauphine Magazine, where he photographs unique ready-to-wear looks, covers premiere fashion events (New York Fashion Week, Bridal Fashion Week, and Men's Fashion Week), and conducts interviews with leading designers and tastemakers.

When he’s not capturing life and style, you can find Marques biking through NYC, enjoying the city's eclectic culinary scene, and attending film retrospectives and Off Broadway Shows. 

Team Runstreet leader

Jose Maria Sanchez has been with Runstreet since we first began art runs. He tempers his lightening speed for our relaxed-pace art run expeditions and always brings a friendly greeting to new members of the Wolf Pack. Jose takes the lead and paces during speed workouts as well as spearheads Team Runstreet's race crew. 

Jose began running to lose weight and, over 100 lbs later, he is racing almost every weekend and has completed the NYC Marathon two times and counting. Jose hails from Mexico, and moved to the U.S. with his brother, who is equally speedy. 


Development & Marketing Director

Daria Orechwa is our West Coast, San Francisco-based connector. Daria, a New Jersey native and Polish citizen, holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University and has worked in nonprofits as well as managerial roles and she brings a fresh enthusiasm, drive and East Coast hustle to her role as Development and Marketing Director.

Daria and Marnie met while studying Irish Government and the political peace process and murals in Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland in college and have remained like family ever since. 

Daria loves interacting with people and coming up with creative ways to collaborate and bring together diverse groups of people. She has worked closely with immigrants, at-risk teens and the LGBTQ community.

Daria also has her own therapy practice based in San Francisco. When she has a free moment, Daria enjoys traveling, trying to train her cat Sebastian, yoga, meditation and catching up with her identical twin and fellow San Franciscan, Dorota.