NYSportsMed RunLab Review

When I went into NYSportsMed for a running gait analysis, I was super excited because their RunLab has a reputation for offering state-of-the-art technology used by elite athletes.

As a NYC running coach, I often help analyze runners' form, but rarely get help with my own. My first related running memories are from coaches barking at me in track and cross country and taking some old-school videos. I specifically remember one coach telling me to pick my feet up more and "stop running like a duck" because I tended to roll my legs in a circular motion when tired. In fact, I trudged so much that I almost tripped myself sometimes. I took my coach's comments in stride because I couldn't help but laugh (and he was right). But I digress. 

Years later, I learned more about running gait analysis during my RRCA running coach certification course.

NYSportsMed provided the Holy Grail of running form statistics and information, going well beyond any running form evaluation I've ever had. The Runner's Report Card was a very thorough, helpful and insightful tool that I've used to improve my running and strengthen problem areas.

Here is some footage from my running form analysis on one of NYSportsMed's high-tech treadmills, which used sensors to detect the amount of time each of my feet were in the air, where my feet hit the ground, how long my stride is, and much more. 

Francis Diano, a doctor of physical therapy, orthopedic sports specialist, and fellow marathon runner, performed my analysis. This guys knows his stuff, and I was happy he is also a runner and understands our tribe. In fact what makes the RunLab and Runner's Report Card unique is it's not just a general physical therapy practice but focuses specifically on runners. Using the magic treadmill, and doing some tests of my feet, leg and stride motions, and drawing on his medical knowledge, Dr. Diano offered lots of insight on my running form backed up by data.

My Runner's Report Card offered information that helped determine things like why I had been injured after running the NYC Marathon, muscles I need to strengthen (glutes, hips) to prevent injuries, and helped me understand my pronation. I was happy to find that I do not overpronate as much as I thought, and it was interesting that I overpronate just on my right side, which explains some muscle weaknesses on that side and my IT band injury post NYC marathon. 

After the extensive analysis (with charts, numbers and recommendations to take home!), I saw another physical therapist, who went through a series of exercises with me to help improve my running form based on my results.

I went home on cloud nine. In short, NYSportsMed's RunLab is a runner's dream. I highly recommend going if you need a running tune up, want a detailed running form analysis, or are struggling with running injuries.

To save $50 on your Runner's Report Card at NYSportsMed, use promo code RUNSTREET when booking. Happy running to you, Wolf Pack!