Alpha Wolf Training Plan Level 3: Stamina

Alpha Wolf Training Plan Level 3: Stamina


When you’re done, you will be able to run full stop for a heart-pounding 8 miles.

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Level 3 is for runners who want to build up their stamina. With this fitness plan, you’ll build your endurance up to running 8 miles. The plan calls for 5 days of workouts a week, and will whip you into top form so you’re able to run 8 miles without stopping! You should be able to run 3 miles to start this training program.

The Runstreet program was designed by RRCA-certified running coach Marnie Kunz. Each level incorporates running and boot camp-style strength training moves that will help you get faster, stronger, and tougher. Each level builds upon the previous one so I recommend doing them in succession.