Runstreet is a social media-friendly company and we are always striving to reach and inspire more people around the world to get out and explore. We promote a healthy, adventurous life through fitness and running and appreciate street art as a source of inspiration on our runs. We work hard to credit all street artists in our social media posts, and we also believe in investing in the street art community, by purchasing art as well as design services, and helping promote art events and spreading awareness of the many amazing street artists' work we see on our runs. We value photography and videography as well and employ professional photographers to provide engaging, high quality photos and videos.

Photo by Filles Garcons Photography of Runstreet founder Marnie Kunz.

Photo by Filles Garcons Photography of Runstreet founder Marnie Kunz.

At Runstreet we recognize that running is a form of art in itself, and we embrace runners of all levels and backgrounds in their individual pursuit of fitness goals and self-improvement. We are a NYC-based company and encourage the spirit of hustling, risk taking and adventure that the city cultivates. We also welcome diversity and different perspectives and strive to maintain a respectful, welcoming environment for everyone. We do not condone any form of violence or hatred. Runstreet promotes a peaceful, healthy, adventurous lifestyle and the pursuit of individual and collective progress, appreciation for art and love for everyone.

Runstreet supports a variety of causes related to art and giving people second chances. and we have done art runs to benefit Back on My Feet NYC, and the Red Hook Art Project as well as supported initiatives such as Street Art Heroines and Not a Crime and Funded Justice for ConBody trainer Shane.

We welcome feedback, inquiries and collaboration ideas. Email marnie@runstreet.com to connect.