Street Art Profiles: Xors

I was living in NYC and traveling the world, seeing street art all over the place. I was always inspired by street art, with its unexpected presence and transformation of public space. I also love the inner dialogue that happens between me and the art when I pass by. It's both so personal and public. One day, I couldn't stand how I couldn't feel inspired, so I picked a print of one of my shoe sketches and created wheatpastes and hit the city.

Changing the World One Step At A Time: David Brand Fuses Fitness & Social Work

There are many obstacles that prevent poor people and people with mental illness from accessing exercise opportunities. For example, the cost of transportation, the cost of gyms, lack of exercise education and health information, hazardous environments...Then there are the obstacles like uncertainty, intimidation, resistance to change, inconvenience, discomfort and low self-esteem that we all tend to face regardless of mental health or income.

NYC Marathon Stories: Natalia Maddela

I've had the opportunity to run 12 miles with someone who has overcome greater odds than I can imagine, but at one point didn't think he could run a mile. A teammate that struggled through a 10-mile race a year ago, carried me through a 16 mile run last week. My sister is running her very first half marathon in January and I get to run beside her. They motivate me.

"Art on the Run" Interview with Runstreet founder Marnie Kunz

Plenty of gyms offer workouts with virtual scenery. You can (stationary) bike through the forest and (treadmill) jog around the Grand Canyon. But running coach Marnie Kunz thinks that New York City has plenty to keep you entertained while you exercise without resorting to virtual reality. She created Runstreet, where she offers group runs on city streets, stopping to admire street art along the way. While you sip water and catch your breath, she talks about the artists and the meanings of the murals and graffiti you might otherwise fly by. The flame-haired sprinter chatted with us about her art on the run.